Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on Today's Activities

Greetings to you all!

It would be nice to talk with you in person, but at least we can keep you updated a little this way.

I was just talking with James on the radio now. He is flying out to Kopinang village as I write. He should be there in about an hour. He wanted me to send you the "Spot" link for the airplane.

The spot is a tracking device that gives satellite uplinks of the airplane coordinates every few minutes while James is flying. I am very thankful to have this because I can look online anytime and tell approximately where he is.

The purpose of going to Kopinang today is to take two Bible workers out there to help finish up the series of evangelistic meeting that the local Bible worker (Joe Russell) has been doing.

James was also supposed to fly Pastor Casey in from Kako village to do the baptisms, but Pastor Casey did a radio phone patch this morning especially to say that it's raining and the clouds are at 500 feet. So James can't make it in there today.

We are excited because one of the Bible Workers flying to Kopinang today is a former student of ours from Davis Indian Industrial College. His name is Willow. I got to talk with him on the radio just now and he told me that he is doing some missionary activity in Sand Creek (Region 9), so he will just help out in Kopinang for a short time. He is working with the kids down there in Sand Creek.

We are going to give him one of the MP3 players that was donated for the work down here. These players have Bible in Living Sound and some other music and stories. I also plan to give him some of the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides that were donated recently. Some of them are for kids so I think this will be a perfect use for them. It's really awesome to be able to have these resources to put into the workers hands. They have really been asking for resources like Bibles, Bible study guides, and stories for children.

Please keep praying for the work here in Guyana, especially for our Bible workers. They have more work to do than they can possibly get done. The people of Guyana are ready to hear the gospel, we just need more workers to reap the harvest.Many Blessings to you!