Thursday, January 12, 2017

Working on 04T in Bethany

Yesterday I got to go into Krishna Sankar airstrip for the first time.  I didn't know but its a private airstrip and they charge a $25 USD landing fee.  Ouch!  When the boss lady saw me she she was pretty upset that I hadn't called ahead.  But praise God, she calmed down and decided to waive the fee.

Later when I flew over to Bethany village the airplane developed some engine trouble and I had to work on it out in the blistering hot sun.   The long and the short is that I had to leave it there with Chris Eno and I come out by Ferry  

I have one more 182 at Timehri Airport.  This morning I need to get over to Civil Aviation to start the ball rolling in getting permission for it to fly in Guyana.

It feels like every two steps forward we slip a step and a half back.