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Wars are won in the trenches. Airplanes, missiles, ships, and tanks all play an important role in modern warfare, but without soldiers on the front lines, its all useless. In the same way, Radio, Television, Internet, and Christian literature play a crucial role in spreading the gospel, but it will take an army of rightly-trained bible workers in the gospel trenches to ultimately win the war. That's why Guyana Adventist Medical Aviation Services (GAMAS) is committed to training, equipping, and sending Amerindian bible workers to the front-lines of mission.

We are embarking on an exciting new plan to increase our support of bible workers presently in the field, and simultaneously train new bible workers for unentered areas.

We've discovered that the best missionaries for Amerindian villages, are the Amerindians themselves.  Since most Amerindians have no way to sustain themselves in full-time gospel work, they need a small monthly stipend to sustain them. Singles, and couples without children receive $150 USD per month, while families receive $200. This covers all their day-to-day expenses including food, clothes, and other necessary supplies.

If you or your sabbath school class or local church would like to sponsor a specific bible worker for a year, GAMAS will team up with you to provide free air support for them. We will also make sure that you receive a copy of their monthly bible worker reports, so you can know what's happening and how to pray for the advancement of the missionary work.

At present we have six bible workers who are working out in the field: 

Garnett Gomez - Kaikan Village

Winston Gudge - Paramakatoi Village

Gregory Joseph - Aishalton Village

Nebblet George - Jawalla / Quebanang Villages

Ray Hastings - Kopinang Village

Jacob Dick - Lethem

I you would like more information on any of these gentlemen, please email me at ashjam7@yahoo.com and I would be glad to give you more information.

The second phase of our new outreach initiative is to launch a new bible worker training program that will train and equip new bible worker families to penetrate into new unreached areas. If you would like to assist with this program, you can also contact us at ashjam7@yahoo.com.

The world as we know it is changing rapidly every day.  The time to make a bold missionary advance is today, not tomorrow. Thank you for considering teaming up with us to finish the great commission in Guyana.

God bless,

James Ash

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