Monday, January 24, 2011

[Guyana-Mission-Report] Missionary Snippets

I'm stuck in Georgetown...  Sort of.

Let me catch you up on some bits and pieces of what is happening.

Yesterday I flew up from Region 9 with our bible worker so that he can go to Bolivia.  We're sending him to Bolivia to professionally record him preaching some sermons in his native Wapishana dialect.  The GMI team in Bolivia will shoot the footage on a special set that they are building just for him, and then will do post production so that it can be put on DVD's.  Once we get these DVD's we plan to replicate them like the leaves of autumn, and distribute them throughout the villages.  Those who don't have DVD players will get an audio version. 

Tomorrow I'll fuel up the airplane and fly back to Shea. 

The well diggers have finished the well in our front yard.  They're only 14 feet down, but have 2 1/2 feet of water.  This is a huge blessing because we've been without water for 3+ weeks and I've been hauling it in five gallon buckets three times a day.  My arms could sure use a rest.  Like they aren't long enough already!

A couple days ago I went out visiting.  I've determined that I need to turn up the intensity and start doing more house to house outreach. We've been doing all sorts of missionary related stuff, but I've determined that the key is is home visits. 

At the first house I went to I sat on the grass and just talked with them.  I've taken a simple formula.  1.  Talk to them - every day conversation.  2.  Listen to them - Listen for felt needs.  3. Share the Word - Share bible texts that address their needs.  4.  Pray for them - And allow the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts. 

As I was saying goodbye, and turning away to walk to the next house, the lady throws a  bombshell my way.  "Pastor, when are you going to come teach us the bible?"

Wow!  What a question...  I looked thoughful for a moment and then asked, "When would you like me to come?" 

"Next Sunday" she replied.

"I'd be glad to come and I'll bring a nice set of bible lessons for you to keep."

She looked really pleased at the though.  As I walked away, I couldn't help but wonder.  "How long had she been asking herself this burning question, 'When is he going to come and teach me the bible?'"

This question quickly sparked another thought - "I wonder how many more people in our village have this same question burning in their hearts?"

There are thousands, yes millions of people around the world who look wistfully toward heaven longing for a better understanding of truth.  We must go, because they rarely will come.

Please pray, not just for us, but that God would guide you to someone that you can TALK-LISTEN-SHARE-PRAY with. 

God bless,



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