Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Missionary Trip to the Deep South

Nansha's girls love flying in the plane. They call it "their plane"
Destination: Shea Village
Granny Nora is getting prepped for her flight the Lethem Hospital
Trying to fuel the airplane with umbrellas in driving rain. Not too fun!
Helping a pilot friend
Gunns Village

Today was what I call a "flight of honor".  18 Months ago Garnett Gomez (one of our bible workers was tragically killed).  Each summer since I've carried Nansha Gomez (Garnett's widow) down to Shea Village for a four week mission trip.

So a few hours ago I dropped them off at Shea airstrip with a month worth of food and money to travel back to Georgetown.

They happened to have a granny who had fallen and broken her arm.  Since I was headed to Lethem where the hospital is located, she caught a free ride.

Refueling the airplane in Lethem was absolutely miserable in the rain.  Two huge storms hit back to back and the guy holding the umbrella didn't hold it over me very far.  I think he was trying to stay dry himself.  Anyway the water coming off his umbrella hit me in the middle of the back drenching me downward.

Last stop is Gunns Airstrip.  This village is so remote that to get here by land is a 7-8 day trek one way from the closest village with an airstrip.

This one takes the cake for remotest village in Guyana

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