Monday, August 8, 2011

[Guyana-Mission-Report] Do Angel's Drive Golf Carts?

Lot's of exciting stuff happening.

I'm convinced that at least one angel resides at JFK International and she drives a stretch golf cart!  No joke!  Ok, ok - I'm not totally sure that she was a real angel, but when we stepped off of our flight from Salt Lake City a little after midnight, we had not idea how close we were squeezed for time.  I vaguely knew that we'd had lost some time on the previous flight, but unbeknownst to us, the moment we arrived, they were already boarding the other aircraft in a whole different concourse.  Only if you've traveled through JFK International can you fully appreciate the tremendous size of the airport.

As we stepped off the airplane the black lady was quietly waiting there, watching us from her limo-cart.  I vaguely remember seeing her but decided first to ask someone who would know where we were supposed to go.  As I strode past her over to the nearby Delta counter to ask where we were supposed to go, the lady in the cart turned to my wife and asked, "Why didn't your husband ask me where you guys are headed?  I know all the flights around this place."  A little taken back Joy said to her, "We're going to Georgetown Guyana".  And without missing a beat she said, "Flight 383 - I know the flight well.  It's boarding right now.  You'll need to hurry"

 "Uhh...  Is there anyway you might take us there?" my wife asked.

"I can take you to the shuttle, and they'll take you directly to the flight.  But you need to hurry, the shuttle is about to leave."

At this point in time Joy started giving me sign language across the room that we needed to leave immediately.  We loaded up in the golf cart and she sped us down the concourse past all the other passengers loudly telling people to clear out of our path.  Soon we pulled up at another counter where they checked our passports and put us on the last shuttle bus that night.  Then it was that we began to piece together the details.  The skytrain which normally runs all night wasn't working beyond 9pm due to construction on a new Delta Concourse.  Buses were running, but we had narrowly made the last bus four our flight.  Less then ten minutes after we found our seats, the 757 was pushing back from the gate. 

Life hasn't slowed down since arriving.  Gary Roberts and D.J. Knott with their families have been in Paruima working on the damaged Maule.  It appears that the damage isn't quite as extensive as once though, but it will take lots of hard work to get it out of Paruima in the next ten days. 

Meanwhile we're working on getting the minibus going again.  Today we picked up a new head and hopefully by some time this week we'll be back up and going again.  It looks like the van may have been driven after I left the country.  Sigh.  Whoever picked it up (it would seem) may not have wanted to tow the vehicle so they may have tried to drive it back, just adding water whenever it needed it.  Sigh...  So a simple fix probably escalated into a $1000 USD+ problem. 

On a positive note.  Last thursday Gary and DJ were able to put the new tires on the 182.  They look really nice, and I'm itching to try them out.

I need to run catch some lunch.  I've got a bazillion things to do, including gettinginternet at the house. 


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874 South McDonald SW
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